I have never been one to talk about myself, so forgive me if you were expecting to learn all of my deep, dark secrets. :-) img_0222-2.JPG

My name is Joann Henry & I am a middle aged woman, (did my fingers just type that?) who is a HUGE dog lover. I live in Pennsylvania & have just lost my job. I worked for 23 plus years for an insurance company, the last 14 I spent working weekends as a computer operator. Although it sometimes stank not being able to have fun on Saturdays & Sundays, it also was kind of “nice” in a way. I always had a perfect “out” for all weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. Sure, I sent a gift but I didn’t have to coax myself to “look thrilled” to be somewhere that I really did NOT want to be. I also ONLY worked weekends, but got paid for a 38 1/2 hour week. That wasn’t very hard to take, trust me. I began my weekend career working the early shift which started at 6:00 AM Saturday morning & finished Saturday evenings at 6:30 PM. Now, I can imagine that some of you are thinking- so big deal, go out & party after work. Well…Sunday morning at 6:30 AM comes rather quickly, especially when you get over a certain age. ;-) I would work until 7:15 Sunday nights. That all switched in July of 1997, when I got promoted & worked “all alone”. THAT WAS SWEET! I then worked from 6:15 PM Saturday until Sunday morning at 6:45 AM. And I would sleep all day Sunday until it was time to get ready to go in & work from 7:00 PM until 7:45 AM Monday. It was great at first, but I started to get migraines more & more often. I finally decided that sleeping just a couple of hours on Mondays were part of the problem. So, I decided there would be no more sleeping on Mondays during the day! I would actually be awake every Monday for more than 30 hours. I am now quite a bit more productive on Mondays, now!

ANYWAY, so much for not talking about myself. :-) I started this blog as a way to share my experiences & the knowledge that I gained with you in the hopes that you will be spared some of the tough lessons I have learned throughout the years. ;-) I suppose this is the legal disclaimer, if you will: “I am not a veterinarian, but am the ‘go to person’ when my friends and family have questions about their dogs behavior or symptoms.” Actually, I love all animals, but dogs have a special place in my heart. I have always had dogs, really from the time I was born.

Hey, come on fate helped you find this site, you & I know it really was no accident! Please don’t leave until you drop me a line & say hello, or sign up for my newsletter.

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