Chasing Cars: Why Dogs Find it Fun

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Have you ever heard the tires squeal?  Perhaps you have seen a car that swerves in the road to miss the animal that is in front of them?  Whatever the reason you hear the tires squeal or the car swerve nothing can come of the situation that is good when you hear the thud of the car and dog meeting each other.  Legally or not the dog owner is responsible for their dog.  Dog owners that don’t take the correct precautions for tying up their dogs are the ones at fault for any car and dog accident.  The dog doesn’t know any better in most cases not to chase a car.  You wouldn’t blame a child for being hurt if the parent wasn’t responsible enough to teach them better.

Dogs do have some ingrained behaviors that can be hard to change.  Part of the problem is the thrill of the chase.  Dogs have always chased things, they were bred to chase animals and therefore it is a strong instinct.  You can’t always correct this behavior, but letting the dog run without a leash near traffic is not their fault, you as the owner need to know how to control them better.

In fact if you have ever had children and a dog you have probably warned your children not to run while the dog is around.  This tends to trigger the natural instincts the dog has for chasing things. The instinct to chase is from survival.  For dogs to survive in the wild they needed to be able to give chase for any food that happened by.  This is one of the reasons it is so strong.

Sure the domestic dog doesn’t need to chase in order to survive, but that doesn’t mean the thrill and the instinct will be lacking after a few years of breeding dogs.  Many still breed their dogs for hunting, guarding and other activities to use their basic instincts.

In considering other reasons why a dog might chase cars you have to look at other instincts.  The instinct to hunt and survive is just the main reason.  A secondary reason to give chase is territory.  When a dog sees a car or even a person walking near their territory they tend to bark and chase if they can.  They are defending what is rightfully theirs in their mind.

A dog can’t communicate verbally with a human.  We can’t just sit down and talk with the dog.  They are intelligent creatures, however they learn by training and retraining.  As long as you deal with the instincts at an early age and reinforce good behavior you can keep your dog from chasing his next car.  You can also teach the dog verbal commands like “come” and other sayings that they will learn and listen to.

You also need to take away the thrill.  If you can minimize the temptation to chase after a car or other object you can save the dogs life.  By teaching your dog that chasing is bad behavior and  by teaching them behavior that you want to see you can save your dog from trouble.  Cars are not the only thing that is dangerous.  Come on, you love them like family…protect them  every way that you can!

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