Does Your Dog Stress from Separation Anxiety Whenever You Leave The House?

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In order to make your dog feel more secure when you are away, there are many ways to ease the separation anxiety he or she experiences. Here are some practical tips to help you achieve the fastest results.

1. When you become the proud owner of a new puppy or an adult dog you will have so many moments of enjoyment.  You automatically shower the new family member with lots of love and attention.  However, spending all your time with your new pet can create problems when you have to return to your normal routine and may well be out of the house at work for hours on end during the day or night .

This is why it is important to get the balance right from the beginning.  Whilst showing your new pet lots of attention also get the dog to accept that some time has to be spent on his or her own, even when you are there and if this is done gradually it will ensure a less traumatic time when you have to leave the dog to go out.

You could begin by going into another room, closing the door as you leave the dog in the first room on his or her own. Carry out this routine several times each day and then try leaving the house for five minutes, then ten, then fifteen until both you and the dog feel comfortable about the pet being left on their own.

2. Your dog being left alone in your home should be a good experience.  Make a positive link with the fact that you are away such as giving your dog a new toy before you leave. Also provide the dog with toys whilst you are home so he does not associate the toy with the fact that you are leaving him. You could give your pet a hollow bone or a tasty snack which will occupy him or her when you first leave the house. The dog is likely to be so interested in the bone or snack your absence will not be noticed for quite a while!

3. It may be necessary to confine your dog to one room when you are away from home.  If this has to be done, make sure to form a positive association with the room you leave the dog in. It should be a fun place where you know he or she feels secure and when you arrive back home again, make an effort to spend some time playing in this room with the dog.   You should avoid putting your dog in a crate as this will make him feel lonely.

4. When you leave the house, do not make a big deal of it.  If you can ignore your dog for the ten minutes prior to going out and the first ten minutes when you arrive back it will eliminate the feeling of excitement and your absence will become a normal event in the dog’s day.

5. Exercise your dog prior to leaving the house as this will ease his or her feelings of distress.  A good run or a brisk walk will relax your pet and he or she will probably catch a few winks while you are gone.

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3 Responses to “Does Your Dog Stress from Separation Anxiety Whenever You Leave The House?”

  1. Senior and Adult Day Care » Blog Archive » Does Your Dog Stress from Separation Anxiety Whenever You Leave … Says:

    […] doggie health care once again delivers unbelievable content. Does Your Dog Stress from Separation Anxiety Whenever You Leave … is a great read and is truly remarkable. Below is a brief overview of what was released: […]

  2. Bob Franky Says:

    This is a great post. My little Chihuahua Teddy is having separation anxiety issues my wife and I are trying to work through.

    I read another great post on dog separation anxiety yesterday on - take a look

    I think working with a dog to train him through the process is key., Leave the house for a bit to test him, try a webcam to keep an eye from the neighbors house.

    Somethings got to work - until then I’m gonna keep on trying :)

  3. Jim Spoerer Says:

    Can not sign in for news letter. Keep getting error message

    Reply from Joann:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Jim! I believe that it is now corrected. I appreciate you letting me know!

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