Vet-Stem Is A New Proven Treatment To Help Relieve Canine Arthritis

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This post was submitted to me by one of my readers, Callan Green, who made me aware of this therapy a short time ago. This was written by Linda L. Black, DVM, PhD, who is affiliated with Vet-Stem, Inc. in Poway, California. Callan asked if I could put this on Doggie Health Care in the hopes that it will inform more people about this latest advancement to help ease the pain of our four-legged buddies. Thank you to ALL of you!





Until recently, some dogs that developed orthopedic problems had limited treatment options, causing many to suffer in pain, or worse, to be euthanized. However, thanks to the use of adult stem cells and cutting edge science, injured dogs and their owners are finding new hope.


San Diego based Vet-Stem has developed a therapy that has been proven to reduce pain in canine arthritis and other orthopedic injuries. Vet-Stem’s procedure isolates regenerative stem cells from fat taken directly from the animal by their veterinarian. The canines vet injects the regenerative cells into the injured area.

The process is simple: credentialed veterinarians make a small incision into the animal to collect the fat. The vet sends the sample of fat tissue to the San Diego laboratory where trained technicians, using sterile procedures, separate the regenerative stem cells from the fat, put them into a syringe and send the cells back to the vet within 24 hours. Once injected into the animal, these adult stem cells aid the natural healing process to repair injured tissue.

Unlike embryonic stem cells, this therapy is non-controversial. With the adult stem cells coming from the animals’ own body there is no risk of rejection to the treatment, making the procedure extremely safe.

Fortunately, Vet-Stem has recently launched nationally, and with numerous veterinarians capable of performing this procedure, there are success stories popping up all over the country. For instance, Maggie, the 11-year-old German Shepard could barely walk or stand. Her story, told in this USA Today article, is just one of the examples of the positive results veterinarians have seen using Vet-Stem regenerative cell therapy on some of their most severe and debilitating arthritis cases.

With 3,000 horses and dogs already treated and 350 vets certified in this procedure, Vet-Stem’s regenerative cell therapy isn’t futuristic research. It is here and now, being used by pets and their owners across the nation. For more information or to find a credentialed vet in your area, visit

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