Introducing Your Dog To Competitions and Canine Sporting Events

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Have you ever thought about taking part in a sports activity program for you and your dog to enjoy together?  Would you enjoy observing him retrieve a ball thrown into a trial-area or leaping into the air to catch a high-speed disc ? Maybe watch your canine friend come through a maze in an obstacle course with tremendous accuracy?

If this kind of hobby appeals to you, you will be happy to know that there are many sports activities that you and your dog can  participate in together.  Obedience trials, agility tests, musical freestyle ,field trials, disc dog and many more are becoming increasingly popular amongst dog enthusiasts, for the following reasons:

1. These type of sports are an excellent way of keeping your dog in great physical shape.

2. Theses activities provide a special opportunity for your dog and you to connect on a different level.

3. You will meet other like-minded dog owners when you take part.

Warning: Your dog should have a complete physical check up at the vets before starting any kind of serious sporting activity.  If he has been looked over by the vet you can be confident that he can compete without causing himself any harm.

When Choosing A Sport There Are Two Factors To Consider

You are likely to already know what type of activity your dog enjoys and does really well, so the next step is to become familiar with the types of dog sports that are available to take part in and choose one that, in your opinion, best matches your dog’s favorite activity.

If, however, your dog is not currently involved in any kind of physical activity, you should consider the following factors:

1. His breed - his genetics play an important role in the type of activity that he may enjoy, as well as how well he will perform that specific activity. Having an understanding of his heritage and history will make it easier for you to find an activity or sport that is most suited to his breed.

Dig a little deeper and discover even more about his breed. Find out what job his ancestors did and what they were originally bred in order to do. For example, most, if not all dogs of the retriever or spaniel family will be great at water sports and retrieving.  However, this doesn’t mean that these are the only sports you should consider and introducing new activities will give much enjoyment to your dog.

2. His personality - as well as considering his ability on a physical level, you also need to take his personality into account.  Some dogs love a long distance run or catching a flying ball. Dogs with this type of personality will definitely do well in many types of dog sporting activities. Other dogs are a little slow at the beginning,  but with the correct  training and motivation, they too can benefit from participating in canine sports and have great fun while doing so.

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