Are The Friendly Skies Safe For Your Dog?

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In comparison to the number of animals successfully transported by air from one place to another, the amount of pets who suffer injuries, are lost or even die on an airplane is quite low.  However, it is important that you make the necessary preparations for the trip, to save your dog from being injured or dying. How would you ever get over such a tragedy?

The dog should visit the vets for a general check up so you are aware of any pre-existing problems and to enable you to avoid complicating this condition further.  The following tips may help you when booking the flight:
Choose The Quickest Route By Air

Many dog owners do not think about this before booking.  It is important that you spend some time looking at all the options available and then choose the fastest route flight so your pet has the least possible amount of time in transportation.

You should always choose a direct flight to the destination.  This will avoid any possibility of your dog being transferred to the wrong airplane and subsequently landing at a different location.

Morning Or Evening Flights Are Best

It is best for your dog to travel either early morning or early evening.  At these times of day he will experience the most comfortable of temperatures.  Flying your dog to the new destination should not take place during extreme weather conditions as he will be spending his time down in the cargo area, not in the comfort of the cabin.

Puppies Are Advised To Fly With You In The Cabin Instead Of The Cargo Area

Your puppy is allowed to travel with you in the cabin where you can keep him comfortable.  This is much better for them than being loaded into a crate and they may not cope with the flight very well if separated from you.

A puppy’s early weeks, even months, are a very crucial time in his life.  All of the experiences the dog goes through during this time stay in his memory and a traumatic flight where the pup is in shock and feeling anxious throughout may leave a disastrous life long impression.

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