Treat your Older Dog With The Respect They Deserve!

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There’s more to to keeping your dog alive than giving him food and shelter. In order to stay healthy, happy and to improve the dogs quality of life, there are three other very important things that your dog requires. First, your dog needs to be exercised on a regular basis so that it can remain healthy. Second, in order to keep the dog alert and occupied, its mind needs to be stimulated. And last but certainly not least, in order for it to stay confident and happy, it needs to be socialized continually.

A dog can certainly feel extremely sad when their family tends to ignore it, or when no quality time is spent with it. Therefore, when dogs do become sad, they can respond by displaying negative behaviors. These negative behaviors can include chewing, digging or barking continuously, and they may even ultimately run away. This, however, is not an act of bad behavior, it is merely that they are reverting back to their natural canine behaviors in order to entertain themselves as they are not receiving attention. And since no animal can communicate with words, they find a different way, which is to communicate with action.

It is vitally important that you learn to love your pet unconditionally, and if it misbehaves for any reason, then attempt to seek out the reason for the behavioral problem, rather than scolding or punishing the dog. Remember that he is now an adult and has most likely been very well behaved most, if not all of his life. This generally means that if he now misbehaves or does something wrong, then it certainly related to an underlying cause, which can in fact be treated with success. It could be a simple solution in that something may be missing or out of balance in your dogs’ life, which it is normally used to, therefore it is important to find the cause and rectify the situation.

As our dogs get older and become more mature, sometimes we tend to not take them on as many walks or give them as much attention as we did when they were puppies. This is quite understandable as many adult dogs do seem to enjoy just lounging around in the house or garden in their adult years, maybe even watching TV with you. However, it is important in order to keep your dogs’ mind stimulated and his social skills intact, that you do your very best to take him out for a walk as often as possible. It is also important that your dog is in contact with other people and other dogs, so they don’t forget how to socialize.

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One Response to “Treat your Older Dog With The Respect They Deserve!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    It is so true that we must keep our pet’s interest in mind as they get older. Would be great if they could talk to us, I know on many occasions I wish I knew what my cats and dog are trying to tell me. They are wonderful and I plan on making sure they have a happy life.

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