My Pup Has Congestive Heart Failure

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I got my little black American Cocker Spaniel, Molli 11 years ago. She was a typical puppy, she had so much energy that she would wear you out just watching her. Too bad you aren’t able to harness some of that excess energy for yourself. :-) When Molli was between half a year old and a year old, she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. The veterinarian at the time, led me to believe that it was not too big of a deal and was a common problem among her breed. I wish I knew then what I know now! :-(

Two years ago, 10 days after hitting the “big 09″, I took my pup to the vet because of a terrible cough that she had. I really expected it to be an airway issue or another controllable problem. I was not expecting her doctor to give me the news that my baby had Congestive Heart Failure. Her vet had blood tests done, x-rays taken, as well as an ultrasound and an EKG. I was given three types of medication to give her three times a day. Sometimes they really seem to help her, other times I wonder why I am putting her through the undignified process of shoving my hand down her throat if it isn’t helping her. When a condition such as Congestive Heart Failure is diagnosed, tests and pills are a huge part of not only the pet’s life, but the pet owners life as well. :-(

Like all of us, she has good days and bad days, but she seems to be enjoying a quality life. She enjoys playing with toys and trying to outrun her little brother Tucker. ;-) Recently however, the fluctuations in her condition not only make it hard for her to play and run, but also make it difficult for her to rest. She is on the latest and greatest medication for her condition but, her cough has worsened to the extent now that she gags 80% of the time that she is awake. Her vet says that is how she will be from now until… Still when she sees me coming down the hall, her tail goes into overdrive- she seems happy, what can I say? :-)

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